Another blog - why does tci have a blog?

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Strictly speaking, its not tci that writes the blog but the employees at tci as well as selected guest authors.

Therefore, the blog differs in three important aspects including web site, classic newsletter mails and press articles you know from tci.

  1. Join-in web
    In a blog, communication is not a one-way street. The comment function in a blog encourages active exchange. Why not discuss things with other blog readers and the authors using the comment function? Your open feedback is very welcome.
  2. Aside from classic communication
    The blog includes topics that don't find room in classic communication. The topics are as varied as the employees at tci. You can read articles with technical background knowledge as well as articles where employees report on exciting client projects or their social involvement in their spare time.
  3. Employees write the blogs
    Employees and guest authors write about life and work at tci. It should make our company more transparent and put the people behind tci in the foreground. The author's opinion may deviate from the official company opinion.

Please take this opportunity and take part in the discussions. In addition to comments, guest articles are very welcome - please just ask me.

Geposted von René Jung am 21.07.2015

Marketing / PR bei tci GmbH Leitung Marketing | Seit 2002 arbeite ich als Mitarbeiter in der Abteilung Marketing bei tci und bin seither für Online-Marketing, Messen und vieles andere im Bereich Marketing zuständig. Ein Blog in der Automatisierungsbranche soll zusammenführen, was zusammen gehört - tci als Hersteller von Industrie Computer und alle, die unsere Produkte brauchen. Ich freue mich über alle Kommentare und Meinungen zu unseren Themen.
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