ECA Tecnologie: How luna is Used in Italy

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Do you know ECA Tecnologie? The Italian company is a partner of tci. Let’s see in which way touch panels are used in their customer projects:

Latest projects

One of ECA Tecnologies projects was to develop an important KNX System for a country villa near Reggio Emilia (Italy), with 600 KNX devices and 15 KNX lines.

All the systems (Lighting, Heating/Cooling, Gates, Door Communication, Access Control, Outdoor Park, Security System, Electrical Cabinet Alerts, HVAC System, and other) are fully controlled from 12 luna 16 PCs. In this way the customer can manage all of the Building Automation Systems very simply. The 16" Touch Display has the correct dimensions to show the graphic floor plans of this big villa of 2000 square meters.

Why luna?

The minimal design of the luna with a flush mounting system, was the customers first choice. Besides, the glass front plate is also a high quality feature of the tci products.

Why tci?

We work with tci because their products represent the highest level in the touch panel market, and because their devices are really interesting for the custom project since they offer different hardware/software selections.

Geposted von ECA am 18.10.2017

Erich Cabrini, Managing Director of ECA, develops KNX Systems since 1997 and has more than 150 important Buildings/Houses projects. ECA is an Importer / Distributor for KNX Products and Solutions for the Italian market, and helps the Installer and System integrators to develop exclusive projects, with many integrated technologies.

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